Al Jab’a House Demolition – Part 2

by startle10

… and here is the video interview with Sheikh Nasri

He was such a wonderful man. I find myself in complete awe of the people we are meeting. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would respond to my home being demolished or to the many other atrocities and indignities that Sheikh Nasri and his family endure on a daily basis. But I’m certain that I wouldn’t be as strong as he is, and it was both humbling and uplifting to spend time in his company.

The guy you can hear asking the questions is our new Swedish friend and fellow ISM volunteer, Anders. He went for a jog last night around Tel Rumeida (which is in the occupied part of Hebron) and got harassed by a couple of soldiers demanding to see his passport.

The apartheid in Palestine has resulted in a complicated three tier legal system. Israelis enjoy the privilege of the Civil System; international visitors – which includes Anders – enjoy the Ministry of Interior System; and it is only Palestinians who are subject to Military Law. What this means on the ground is that the Israeli soldiers wield complete power over the Palestinian population, but they have no authority over internationals. They do have a right to ask for our passports at checkpoints, but not randomly in the street. Of course, they don’t tell us that.

Seizing the opportunity to intimidate a peace activist, they detained Anders on his run, and insisted that he give them his passport . It didn’t work. Again and again they told Anders that if he didn’t hand it over they would arrest him – right up until he pulled out his video camera…

It’s the game, ya’ll.