To call myself an armchair activist isn’t strictly true. I’m more of an armchair tutterer.

Tut tut, I say as injustice drip feeds into the living room with the 6 o’clock news. Tut tut, I mutter to a cosy Sunday afternoon, curled up with atrocities in the pages of a newspaper. Occasionally I might text a few quid to the acute end of a chronic problem, or sign my name on an e-petition whilst stopping short of forwarding it to friends. At my most active I wrote some letters for an Amnesty International appeal, but never quite got round to buying stamps.

No, I’m not even an armchair activist. I have a lovely cherry red chesterfield, and use it only to support bad posture and passivity. In all probability that would have been that – except it isn’t an armchair. It’s a sofa. Sitting beside me – with her feet on my lap – is my girlfriend, Beth. (That’s not her real name; we’ve been told it’s a good idea to make them up. I’ll fill you in on that later.) She doesn’t settle with a Tut tut; she buys the stamps. I guess with someone like that in your life one thing will inevitably lead to another…

Getting off the Armchair is about some work we have started doing the West Bank with a humanitarian organization, standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Our first trip was in October 2011. Our second is planned for April 2012.